Understanding Plastic Materials - Definition of Plastics (excerpt)
This excerpt gives a definition of plastics (or polymers) and common attributes shared by all plastic materials. It discusses the basic molecular structure of a polymer. This program explains how...
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Mold Design and Moldmaking - Actuators (excerpt)
This comprehensive 9-part course was created with help from many of the world\'s leading tool manufacturers and suppliers and is intended for tool designers, mold makers, engineers, part designers, ...
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Introduction to Injection Molding - Molding Machine Components (excerpt)
This excerpt shows the basic components of an injection molding machine - base, hopper, barrel, screw, heaters, clamping unit, platens, ejection system, and control panel - using 3D animation.
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Injection Molding Basics - Mold (excerpt)
This is an excerpt from the third program in our Injection Molding Basics Series, \"Mold\", that uses 3D animation to illustrate the basic components of the A-half of a typical 2-plate mold assembly,
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Introduction to Injection Molding - The Molding Process (excerpt)
This excerpt illustrates the injection molding process with 3D animation showing how the reciprocating screw injection molding machine melts, injects, fills the closed injection mold, cools the plastic and ejects the plastic parts from the mold.
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