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    Over 35 years experience in plastic manufacturing
About Delaney Manufacturing

The principles of Delaney Manufacturing have over 35 years experience in plastic manufactuing. We provide a quality product and superior customer service. We are committed to making each step of the process as smooth as possible, and regard our customers as partners. We work hard to achieve common goals.

We have a broad range of experience in Plastic Injection Molding. From consumer goods, medical applications, military products, and components for other manufacturers.

Our overall efficiency in machine cycle times, scrap reduction, plant scheduling, and in secondary operations enables us to be very competitive in the industry.

Delaney Manufacturing manufactures a wide range of plastic components and parts for Industrial, Medical, Military, and Consumer Products.

No minimums or maximums, from millions of parts, or ten parts, we work to supply our customers with what they need.

Assembled parts, packaged products for the retail market, and can even ship your finished product in bulk directly to your distributors or retail outlets!

Professional CAD Design | Prototypes | Product Assembly | Retail Packaging


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Phone: (941) 225-8209

About Us

The principles of Delaney Manufacturing have over 35 years experience in manufacturing plastic products and components. read more