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From 3-D CAD Drawings, Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Packaging, we do it all in-house

FAQ for Inventors

No. We’re a manufacturing company, but our business plan includes new product development. We can take a concept, create CAD drawings, produce a prototype, source tooling and manufacture the product, assemble it if needed, package it for the retail market or wholesale distribution, and drop ship directly to your customers. We do it all in-house.

No. We won’t try to sell you anything. There are many steps necessary to get your idea ready for the marketplace. You tell us which steps you need help with.

Yes. We don’t stay in business by stealing ideas. Scroll down to find our Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It’s signed by us and ready to download for your files.

Because it’s a great way to build our manufacturing base. Our goal is to be your manufacturer.                         

Most manufacturing companies do not want to become involved in developing new products and do not have the necessary resources in place to move a project from conception to a finished product. We have built product development into our business model.

No. Many of the people we work with are first time inventors. The process is not as difficult as you might think.

No. The steps you have taken are great, but not enough. We strongly recommend you hire a professional to do a Patent Search. You do not want to spend a lot of time and money on your idea only to find out later someone already has a patent on it.

No. We are not professionals in that field, but we can refer you to companies we trust.

That question is impossible to answer until we have a better understanding of your project. Once we become familiar with your project, we can give you some general estimates based on our experience. As the process moves forward, we will be able to give you accurate quotes.

Once we understand your project, we can give you a timeline based on our experience.

Yes. We are not an engineering firm, but we can offer suggestions based on our experience in manufacturing.

No, but we may be able to help you with your CAD drawings and prototypes and assist you in finding other sources.

Yes. There are plastics on the market today for almost any application.                                 

Yes. We have experience with a wide range of plastics and consult regularly with plastics engineers regarding specific requirements and applications.     

Injection Molds are expensive because they are extremely complex, must be designed by highly skilled people, built with extreme precision, and made with high quality materials in order to withstand the immense pressures involved.

It is not unusual for a high quality Injection Mold to produce millions, or tens of millions of parts during it’s lifetime.                                     

Yes. If you need custom components, we can design them and have them made by one of the many fabrication shops we use and trust. We can also help you source “off the shelf” components.                                                                                                                                     

Nothing. We can help you take your concept and move it forward.

Yes. As long as we can understand what you’re idea is, we can work from there.

What you have is probably fine. Along with your input, we should be able to create CAD drawings of exactly what you have in mind.

Yes. We can make you a prototype using a 3-D printing process, along with off-the-shelf or custom components.

Computer-aided design (CAD), also known as computer-aided drafting (CAD) is the use of computers to assist in the creation of a design.

Yes. They will be needed for virtually every stage of your project. From prototyping to obtaining quotes for molds, estimating manufacturing costs, packaging design, and more.

We can probably use them to get an understanding of your product, but unless you are skilled at designing parts for manufacture, they will most likley have to be done again. We often get CAD drawings from inventors, and large companies. The parts may LOOK good but often are impossible to be made as designed.

We can create your CAD drawings in-house or you can search the internet for a design company. Drawing parts to be molded from plastic requires an in-depth knowledge of injection molding, so be sure the person you hire has the necessary experience.

No. When your drawings are complete, we will supply you with electronic copies. You paid for them, they’re yours. If you want to stay with us going forward, it’s completely up to you.

Yes. We are here to help you regardless of where you are in your project.

Yes. Selling your new product is the hardest step in the process. You may have the best idea ever, but without a solid marketing plan it will probably fail.

No. No one can do that. If they do, be very sceptical. We do promise to help you move your project forward to the best of our ability. We always encourage our customers to thoroughly research market demand, and to have a good marketing plan BEFORE manufacturing their product.

There are pros and cons of dealing with offshore companies and brokers. We can advise you on the benefits and pitfalls.       

Yes. We can do small production runs. However, to get to the point of actually making a small production run is expensive. Be sure you have researched patents, market demand, and have a good marketing plan in place before spending a lot of money.

We can work together by phone, email, and video conferencing. Complex projects or ones that need a lot of development may benefit from face-to-face meetings, but we have completed many projects without ever meeting our customer in person.

My product will need to be assembled. Can you do that or do I have to find another source?

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Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement

Download our signed Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement for your records.



We can help you take your project every step of the way, from concept to shipping the finished product to Distributors. Use us for every step, or just the ones you need help with.

We have a network of resources in the following fields:

Photo-Realistic Still Renderings and Animations

Using your CAD Drawings, we can create stunning three dimensional images of your product. Still renderings are great for print media, advertisements, and more.

Photo-Realistic Animations can really bring your product to life! They are useful in marketing your new product, attracting investors, licensees, or buyers.

An Animation can demonstrate exactly how your product works, what it does, and showcase all its benefits.

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