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Delaney manufacturing is a top plastic injection molding company located in Sarasota, Florida. We also do assembly, packaging, CAD drawings, insert molding, over molding, and sonic welding.

How it works

Let us help you explore possible solutions

There are over 50,000 grades of plastic on the market today, many of them engineered specifically for Metal-to-Plastic conversion.

Step 1

☞ Drawings

Send us a drawing or an actual part and we’ll get started. If you don’t have a drawing, or it’s a new part, we can create the CAD drawings.

We will work with you to determine if it can be manufactured of plastic, perform to your specifications, and be cost effective.

Step 2

☞ Prototype

If plastic makes sense, we will submit a proposal that will take the project from start to finish. Our proposal will include an ROl, the resin that is best suited to the product, quotes for tooling, and a per-part price, along with a detailed timeline showing when you can expect to have the product in your hands.

Step 3

☞ Marketing/Manufacturing

If you’re going to manufacturing first, we build molds and gear up for production. We then manufacture the product, take the finished product to market, and product is ready to ship to buyers. If you are doing Marketing first, you can begin marketing your drawings and prototype, get commitments from investors, buyers and distributors.

See it in action

Watch a demo

This is our 130 ton plastic injection molding machine making parts for use in water heaters. It shows the robot removing the sprue and runners and dropping them into a barrel for recycling. This is a 16 cavity, four-drop hot runner mold. We make 200,000 of these parts every month for one customer.
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Frequently Asked Questions by invetors

Do you need more clarity on the whole engagement. explore some of our FAQs.

Are you an “Inventors Help” company?

No. We’re a manufacturing company, but our business plan includes new product development. We can take a concept, create CAD drawings, produce a prototype, source tooling and manufacture the product, assemble it if needed, package it for the retail market or wholesale distribution, and drop ship directly to your customers. We do it all in-house.

Are you going to try and sell me an “Inventors Package” or something like that?

No. We won’t try to sell you anything. There are many steps necessary to get your idea ready for the marketplace. You tell us which steps you need help with.

Can I trust you with my ideas?

Yes. We don’t stay in business by stealing ideas. Find here our Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It’s signed by us and ready to download for your files.

You’re a manufacturing company. Why do you work with inventors and people with new products?

Because it’s a great way to build our manufacturing base. Our goal is to be your manufacturer. 

I’ve contacted other manufacturing companies but they won’t get back to me. Why is that?

Most manufacturing companies do not want to become involved in developing new products and do not have the necessary resources in place to move a project from conception to a finished product. We have built product development into our business model.

about delaney manufacturing

Over 35 years experience in plastic manufacturing

We service the entire southeast region of the USA. Inventors come to us for help in developing their new products. We offer 3-D printing, renderings, animations, design, and prototyping Find out how we can help you.

From prototyping to manufacturing for affordable, high-quality molded parts within days.

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Bringing Your Vision to Life with World-Class Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities

Welcome to Delaney Manufacturing — Your final destination for world-class custom plastic injection molding services at competitive prices. We help you design, manufacture, and assemble products that match your vision and meet the requirements of your customers without breaking your bank.

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