Business-to-Business: On-time Delivery, Top Quality, Short-Runs or High Volume.
New Products: From the back of a napkin to finished product, packaged and ready to sell.
Is this a new Project? Unfolding Your Vision: From Napkin Doodles to Finished Product
All of it done in-house at Delaney Manufacturing in Bradenton, FL
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50+ Years of Experience

A broad range of experience in Plastic Injection Molding

Located in Bradenton, FL

Servicing clients throughout the entire globe

No minimums or maximums

From millions of parts or one part, we work to supply you with what you need

Injection Molding

Do you have a Mold? Seamless transition by providing us with an existing mold for production of your parts.

Metal to Plastic: Save thousands of dollars per order by turning your metal parts into heavy-duty plastic.

FAST RESPONSE: We make every effort to provide you
a personal reply on the same business day it is received


get a quote

Submit your project
to get a quote.

Kickstart Your Project with a Customized Quote! To initiate the quoting process, we ask that you provide us with an in-depth overview of your project. Essential elements such as specifications, materials, desired quantities, and any other pertinent details that may affect the manufacturing process should be included. If available, please also attach CAD drawings and models to ensure that we have a crystal-clear understanding of your requirements.

Whether you are:

  • Supplying your own existing mold
  • Turning a metal part into plastic
  • Starting from Concept to CAD Drawings to Production

Our team at Delaney Manufacturing in Bradenton, FL will meticulously evaluate the information you submit. Should we need further clarification or if we believe additional details are necessary, we’ll reach out to ensure nothing is overlooked. We are also here to share our insights, and might propose alternative solutions if they align better with your objectives or budget. Upon thorough analysis, we’ll craft a detailed quote, which will encompass costs, lead times, and our terms and conditions. 

Submit Project Full

Maximum file size: 516MB

Need an NDA? Download our signed Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) here.

Need an Injection Molding Part?

Our simple 3 Step Process

Injection Molding Florida

Send us a drawing or an actual part

If you don’t have a drawing, or it’s a new part, we can create the CAD drawings. We will work with you to determine if it can be manufactured of plastic, perform to your specifications, and be cost effective.

Injection Molding

We send you a Proposal & Quote

Should plastic be a viable option, we will present a comprehensive proposal encompassing ROI, the most suitable resin, tooling quotes, per-part pricing, and a meticulous timeline for product delivery.

Plastic Mold


For those choosing manufacturing first, we develop molds, produce the item, and bring it to market for shipping. Alternatively, if you focus on marketing, you can start promoting drawings and prototypes, securing commitments from investors, buyers, and distributors.

Questions you may
have for us

No. We’re a manufacturing company, but our business plan includes new product development. We can take a concept, create CAD drawings, produce a prototype, source tooling and manufacture the product, assemble it if needed, package it for the retail market or wholesale distribution, and drop ship directly to your customers. We do it all in-house.

No. We won’t try to sell you anything. There are many steps necessary to get your idea ready for the marketplace. You tell us which steps you need help with.

Yes. We don’t stay in business by stealing ideas. Find here our Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It’s signed by us and ready to download for your files.

Because it’s a great way to build our manufacturing base. Our goal is to be your manufacturer. 

Most manufacturing companies do not want to become involved in developing new products and do not have the necessary resources in place to move a project from conception to a finished product. We have built product development into our business model.

What to know before hiring an Injection Molding Manufacturer

Injection Molding Leader in Florida

The Injection Molding Process

Guide Your Way Through the Intricate Steps Involved in Meticulously Creating Components via Injection Molding.

Dive into the Process ➔
Multifaceted World of Plastics

Discover the Materials

Explore the Multifaceted World of Plastics and Gain Insight into the Unique Properties That Shape Manufacturing Choices.

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Injection Molding Fl

What You Should Know

Equip Yourself with Essential Knowledge and Key Insights to Streamline Communication and Enhance Your Experience with Us.

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How It's Made

about delaney manufacturing

Over 50 years of experience in plastic manufacturing


We service clients all across the globe. Businesses come to us for help in developing their new products and manufacturers love working with us on their current projects. We offer 3-D printing, renderings, animations, design, and prototyping. Find out how we can help you.



Why you should use CAD Design

Using CAD Design Services Will Make Product Development Quicker And Simpler

Injection Molding Florida

Have an Idea for a part?

Transform your vision into reality with our comprehensive guide tailored for new part development.