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Not only do we excel in injection molding, but our comprehensive suite also encompasses CAD Design services, 3D Printing, product and component assembly, metal over-molding, sonic welding, and packaging.

With a legacy built on decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we take immense pride in delivering high-quality products and parts, punctually.

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Are you a manufacturer looking for a company to mold your existing products or components!

We can provide quotes quickly and make the transition as easy. If you are working on a new project, we help with CAD designing, prototyping, material selection, injection molds, packaging, and more. Start to finish


Manufacturing Services

In addition to our premier injection molding services delivered from our Florida injection molding manufacturing location, we offer an array of manufacturing solutions designed to bring your visions to life. Our capabilities encompass CAD Design for precision engineering, 3D Printing for rapid prototyping, meticulous Component Assembly, innovative Metal Over-molding, Sonic Welding for strong bonds, and Custom Packaging solutions. Whether your project is in the realm of consumer products, medical devices, military equipment or specialized components, we leverage cutting-edge technology and a deep well of expertise to deliver exceptional results across a range of services.


Are you wasting money using metal components in your products that could be made of plastic?



Quick Release Pins

Eye Bolts

Roller Assembly

Generally, plastic components are far less costly than metal ones and, many times, offer better performance than metal.

There are over 50,000 grades of plastic on the market today, many of them specifically engineered to replace metal. 

Purchase Order to delivery date is shorter, meaning less inventory to pay for and sit on.

Plastic is light weight and inexpensive to ship compared to Metal.

Is it strong enough? (are you kidding?)

Watch as we lift the back of this pickup truck with the Plastic Bolt

Benefits of Plastic Conversion:


The raw materials used in plastic production are generally less expensive than metals, leading to cost savings in manufacturing.


Many plastics are engineered to have specific properties that make them suitable replacements for metals in various applications. This includes factors like strength, durability, heat resistance, and electrical insulation.

Variety of Grades

The wide range of plastic grades available on the market allows manufacturers to choose materials that precisely match the requirements of a specific application, potentially providing better performance than a one-size-fits-all metal alternative.

Shorter Purchase Order to Delivery Time

Plastic components can often be produced more quickly than metal ones due to the nature of plastic processing methods. This shorter lead time can reduce the need for large amounts of inventory, thus saving storage costs.

Lightweight and Inexpensive Shipping

Plastic components are lighter than their metal counterparts, which makes them cheaper to ship. This can be particularly advantageous when dealing with large quantities or shipping over long distances.

Corrosion Resistance

Unlike many metals, plastics are inherently corrosion-resistant, which can eliminate the need for protective coatings and maintenance, further reducing costs.

Design Flexibility

Plastic can be molded into complex shapes more easily than metal, offering greater design freedom and potential for innovative solutions.

How it works

Send us a drawing or an actual part

If you don’t have a drawing, or it’s a new part, we can create the CAD drawings. We will work with you to determine if it can be manufactured of plastic, perform to your specifications, and be cost effective.

We send you a Proposal & Quote

Should plastic be a viable option, we will present a comprehensive proposal encompassing ROI, the most suitable resin, tooling quotes, per-part pricing, and a meticulous timeline for product delivery.


For those choosing manufacturing first, we develop molds, produce the item, and bring it to market for shipping. Alternatively, if you focus on marketing, you can start promoting drawings and prototypes, securing commitments from investors, buyers, and distributors.

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Our team at Delaney Manufacturing in Sarasota, FL will meticulously evaluate the information you submit. Should we need further clarification or if we believe additional details are necessary, we’ll reach out to ensure nothing is overlooked. We are also here to share our insights, and might propose alternative solutions if they align better with your objectives or budget. Upon thorough analysis, we’ll craft a detailed quote, which will encompass costs, lead times, and our terms and conditions. 

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